What is the OurFutures Vaping Study?

The OurFutures Vaping Study is the first trial of a school-based eHealth prevention program targeting adolescent e-cigarette use in Australia.

Who is behind the OurFutures Vaping Study?

The research is led by health and education experts from the University of Sydney, the University of Queensland, Curtin University, Monash University, the University of New South Wales, and the University of Newcastle. The OurFutures Vaping Program was developed in collaboration with students and teachers across Australia. The study has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committees of the University of Sydney (2022/818), University of Queensland (2023/HE000082) and Curtin University (HRE2023-0059).

Do I need to pay to use the OurFutures Vaping Program?

No. Access to the OurFutures Vaping Program is currently for the purpose of research that is supported by the Medical Research Future Fund.

How do I gain access to the OurFutures Vaping Program?

If your school has agreed to take part in the study, you can gain access to the OurFutures Vaping Program via  https://ourfuturesvaping.org.au/ and registering for an account using the unique code provided to your school.

If you are interested in being part of this program, please contact us. Likewise, if you are part of this research but having trouble logging on, please contact us.

What if I no longer want to participate in the OurFutures Vaping Study?

If you (or your child) are currently participating in the OurFutures Vaping Study and would like to withdraw from the study, please contact us. Your decision to withdraw will not affect your/their relationship with the researchers or anyone else at the University of Sydney or collaborating institutions now or in the future.

Technical requirements

The OurFutures Vaping Program requires a stable internet connection and access to a web browser. The program has been tested using Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari. If you have any technical issues accessing the site, please contact us.

What does evidence-based mean?

To say that a resource is “evidence-based” is to say that it is informed or supported by evidence. The evidence that supports or backs up a particular resource may take different forms. In the case of the OurFutures Vaping program, “evidence-based” means that the information provided comes from reliable information sources and is backed by scientific research studies. In addition, all of the information contained in the OurFutures Vaping program has been reviewed by health and education experts.

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